Our com­ple­te shel­ving system is extre­mely flex­ib­le and adap­tab­le. It is equal­ly sui­ted to harsh envi­ron­ments for the logistics mana­ge­ment, ware­house and works­hop, as well in envi­ron­ments whe­re the inte­ri­or high­lights the design, for examp­le such as office envi­ron­ments or shop­fit­ting.

The com­bi­na­tion of high load capa­ci­ty and low weight makes the system uni­que. The gre­at flex­i­bi­li­ty in cho­ice of wid­th, depth and height means that you can get a very spa­ce-effi­ci­ent solu­tion, ful­ly custo­mi­zed for your busi­ness

The Shel­ving system is very flex­ib­le and easy to assemb­le, which means that it can be alte­red and rebuilt along with your needs. All modu­les are assembled wit­hout screws or nuts. We can help you with plan­ning, logistics opti­mi­za­tion and assembly.

The Shelf system is divi­ded into two dif­fe­rent seg­ments, ware­house sto­rage and tire rack.

Storage system

Trans­por­tex sells and dis­tri­bu­tes one of the mar­kets cle­ve­rest shelf systems. The system inclu­des eve­ryt­hing from the smal­lest archi­ve shelf up to pal­let rac­king. The tar­get audi­ence is lar­ge ware­houses, dis­tri­bu­tion cen­ters, indu­stry, works­hops, spa­re parts hand­ling etc.

Tire rack

Trans­por­tex sells and dis­tri­bu­tes one of the mar­kets best tire systems. The system hand­les eve­ryt­hing from rims to com­ple­te whe­els. The tar­get audi­ence is the tire dea­lers, lar­ge ware­houses, dis­tri­bu­tion cen­ters, auto­mo­ti­ve indu­stri­es, works­hops, etc.

Additional useful facts about our warehouse storage and tire rack:
Facts about the system
  • Manu­factu­red by gal­va­ni­zed high qau­li­ty ste­el
  • Tested and accep­ted by among others, the Ger­man
    secu­ri­ty norm TÜV-GS
  • Low weight — high load capcai­ty
  • Built up by modu­les
  • Easy to assemb­le — no needs for screws
    or bolts
Facts about the racks
  • Each sec­tion con­si­sts of rea­dy fram­es,
    beams, upper caps for upright, base
    pla­tes, beam secu­ri­ty clips and an easy to
    understand instal­la­tion gui­de.
  • Strain/frame 1500- 3600 kg
  • Strain/level 145- 640 kg
  • Height 1972- 5008 mm
  • Wid­th 600- 1800 mm
  • Depth 320- 800 mm