The busi­ness con­cept with Easy Shop Systems is to offer simp­le, flex­ib­le and affor­dab­le shop fit­tings with full sup­port throug­hout the who­le pro­cess, from lay­out pro­po­sals, to assembly and futu­re deve­lop­ment.
Addi­tio­nal­ly, we can offer a wide range of acces­so­ri­es that are con­ti­nu­ously furt­her deve­lo­ped and expan­ded as we take on new and exci­ting pro­jects.

Thanks to our flex­ib­le shop fit­ting system, bran­ding and cor­po­ra­te iden­ti­ty has become one of our spe­ci­al­ti­es. We deve­lop and pro­du­ce inte­ri­or fit­tings, dis­play stands and pro­mo­tio­nal stands toget­her with our custo­mers, to expo­se and high­light pro­ducts in an opti­mal way.
We also pro­du­ce vari­ous types of pro­fi­le boards such as top signs, logo prin­ting for shop coun­ters, side clad­ding, price signs etc.

Becau­se we use pro­ducts from our stan­dard range, we can make spe­ci­al solu­tions at very affor­dab­le pri­ces, at the same time as we have the widest range in terms of height, wid­th and depth. Our system has a load capa­ci­ty that is unbe­a­tab­le in terms of shop fit­ting systems.
We are hap­py to tai­lor your spe­ci­fic inte­ri­or to enhan­ce the company’s or brand’s pro­fi­le.

Easy Shop Systems can now offer two different types of systems called BASIC and INOX.

Our BASIC system is manu­factu­red of gal­va­ni­zed high qua­li­ty ste­el that is tested and appro­ved by the Ger­man safe­ty stan­dard TÜV-GS.
BASIC is a uni­que shop fit­ting that is easy to assemb­le, move, add and change. No tools, screws or bolts are requi­red for assembling. Despi­te its ama­zing low weight, the system has an extre­mely high load capa­ci­ty — up to 640 kg/shelf.
The wide range in terms of height, wid­th and depth makes the BASIC system adap­tab­le to all needs and dimen­sions. A lar­ge num­ber of acces­so­ri­es are avai­lab­le to sup­ple­ment with the best pos­sib­le expo­su­re. The BASIC system con­si­sts of the basic sec­tions, which are then com­bi­ned with e.g. shel­ves and side clad­ding, avai­lab­le in a vari­e­ty of designs, mate­ri­als and colors.
Shop coun­ters, expo­su­re tables, wire bas­kets, fit­ting rooms, and much more are also inclu­ded in the range. The system is uni­que on the mar­ket. It has a low invest­ment cost and long ser­vice life, which makes the system very affor­dab­le. This toget­her with the com­bi­na­tion pos­si­bi­li­ti­es and dif­fe­rent fun­c­tions makes the system very com­pe­ti­ti­ve.
For a more exclu­si­ve appea­ran­ce, INOX system offers eve­ryt­hing from clas­sic inte­ri­ors and shop fit­tings, to custom made pro­ducts that are all made of stain­less ste­el and appro­ved by the Ger­man safe­ty stan­dard TÜV-GS.
A lar­ge num­ber of acces­so­ri­es such as ven­ding spe­ars, height adjus­tab­le stain­less ste­el foot pla­tes, end caps made of plastic, rein­for­ced beams for cor­ner sec­tions and much more, are avai­lab­le as a sup­ple­ment.
INOX is easy to assemb­le and custo­mi­ze with cor­ner modu­les, which makes the system very spa­ce-effi­ci­ent. A lar­ge num­ber of stan­dar­di­zed uprights, bra­ces and beams, enab­le unli­mi­ted num­ber of dif­fe­rent shelf vari­a­tions, which can fit in any appli­ca­tion.
The fram­es are desig­ned to sup­port a total weight of 2500 kg, whe­re the shel­ves with a uni­form­ly dis­tri­bu­ted load have a load capa­ci­ty of 300 kg/shelf.
INOX is adap­tab­le to all needs and dimen­sions. The system is desig­ned to pre­vent con­den­sa­tion or water build-up and can be sup­pli­ed with plain or per­fo­ra­ted shel­ves. Uprights, beams and bra­ces are smooth on all upward­ly facing sides. For effi­ci­ent drai­nage the­re is a slot on the bot­tom of the pro­fi­le, which also faci­li­ta­tes clea­ning.
The inno­va­ti­ve INOX range, meets the strict hygi­e­ne requi­re­ments for cor­ro­sion resistan­ce, requi­red by the food and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal indu­stry. The Shelf system is desig­ned to be used both in cold rooms, indust­ri­al kit­chens, food pre­pa­ra­tion indu­stri­es, and for drugs and cor­ro­si­ve che­mi­cals.