The Sing­le system is deve­lo­ped to opti­mi­ze the logistics ware­house solu­tions, in an ergo­no­mic way, for sing­le han­ging items, through the enti­re pro­cess. The system is easy to install, requires mini­mal main­te­nan­ce and has a high capa­ci­ty wit­hout any com­pli­ca­ted con­trolling.
The system is very flex­ib­le and allows for custo­mi­zed solu­tions for each customer’s needs, from the small ware­house that´s ope­ra­ted manu­al­ly, to lar­ger faci­li­ti­es in need of full-and / or semi-auto­ma­tic pro­ces­ses.
The Sing­le system is ide­al for hand­ling indi­vi­du­al items and can of cour­se be com­bi­ned with vari­ous machi­nes and work­sta­tions nee­ded for this hand­ling, such as unpac­king, finishing, wrap­ping and labe­ling.
Dif­fe­rent custo­mers have dif­fe­rent solu­tion requi­re­ments. We have the solu­tions that cover most needs:

Manual system

The manu­al system con­si­st of a slick rail in com­bi­na­tion with an easy sli­ding sur­fa­ce inclu­ding all neces­sa­ry swit­ches, brac­kets and loa­ding and unlo­a­ding sta­tions.
The system is main­ly deve­lo­ped to hand­le sing­le or bund­le gar­ments in wor­king are­as. The hang­ers can easily be pus­hed by hand, and the system is ergo­no­mi­cal­ly adap­ted for the user.

Semi-automatic system

The semi-auto­ma­tic system con­si­sts in gene­ral of a slick rail in com­bi­na­tion with TX200AC , TX200FD and TX200S con­vey­ors.
The system is main­ly used for fee­ding and unlo­a­ding tun­nel finishers, bag­ging machi­nes and also for trans­port of goods between dif­fe­rent wor­king sta­tions, as well as dif­fe­rent levels.

Automatiska system

The ful­ly auto­ma­tic system con­si­sts in gene­ral of TX200S, TX200FD and TX200AC con­vey­ors. The con­vey­or is then fed auto­ma­ti­cal­ly. The system is main­ly used to bring all gar­ments in an auto­ma­tic flow from arri­val, dif­fe­rent hand­ling, sor­ting and final­ly deli­ve­ry.
The mate­ri­al flow soft­wa­re con­trols all pro­ces­ses wit­hin the who­le con­vey­or system. It can also be con­nec­ted with the exis­ting WMS (Ware­house Mana­ge­ment System).