The Trol­ley system that has existed sin­ce 1976, is desig­ned to opti­mi­ze the logistics ware­house solu­tions, in an ergo­no­mic way for han­ging goods. This is accom­plished, often with some form of uni­fy­ing trol­ley, whe­re each unit con­si­sts of one or more copi­es of the pro­duct such as clot­hing, fur­ni­tu­re, plastic pro­ducts etc.

The system is very flex­ib­le and reli­ab­le and allows for custo­mi­zed logistics solu­tions from the small manu­al ware­house to full-and / or semi-auto­ma­ted ware­houses wit­h­se­ve­ral flo­ors.
Dif­fe­rent custo­mers have dif­fe­rent solu­tion requi­re­ments. We have the solu­tions that cover most needs:

Manual system

The manu­al system which is essen­ti­al­ly a trans­port and sto­rage system is com­po­sed of Trans­por­tex basic com­po­nents. This flex­ib­le base system makes it pos­sib­le to offer each cli­ent a custo­mi­zed and opti­mi­zed solu­tion and can be expan­ded at the rate the custo­mer wishes.

The manu­al system with its low invest­ment cost is ergo­no­mi­cal­ly desig­ned for staff and requires mini­mal main­te­nan­ce, which in turn eli­mi­na­tes cost­ly down­ti­me.

Semi-automatic system

By integ­ra­ting the Trans­por­tex con­vey­ors in the manu­al system, the capa­ci­ty and hand­ling of han­ging goods can also be expan­ded accor­ding to custo­mer requi­re­ments.

The semi-auto­ma­tic system with the con­vey­ors hel­ps us to trans­port car­go from A to B, for examp­le ver­ti­cal­ly up and down to a mez­za­ni­ne. At each plan­ning stage, the degree of auto­ma­tion to hand­le custo­mer requi­re­ments, in com­bi­na­tion with the most cost effecti­ve solu­tion is taken into discus­sion.

The system is built to wit­h­stand max­i­mum ope­ra­tion around the clock and with a design that is simp­le and fun­c­tio­nal, with a mini­mal num­ber of moving parts that only emit a low noi­se level. This means that you get a reli­ab­le system with low ope­ra­tion and main­te­nan­ce costs.

Automatic system

The ful­ly auto­ma­tic system usu­al­ly con­si­sts of con­vey­ors com­bi­ned with con­trol­led swit­ches to the selec­ted des­ti­na­tion. The con­vey­or is then fed auto­ma­ti­cal­ly. The system is used to get the goods on an auto­ma­tic flow from arri­val, buf­fe­ring, sor­ting and final­ly deli­ve­ry.

The mate­ri­al flow soft­wa­re con­trols all pro­ces­ses wit­hin the who­le con­vey­or system. It can also be con­nec­ted with the exis­ting WMS (Ware­house Mana­ge­ment System)..